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If you are fed up dealing with multiple contractors to get a particular project designed, specified, costed and built to a high standard then you should call Task Concepts Ltd.

We are primarily a service based company whose staff have been in the fit out industry for a considerable number of years, and are aware of the problems that occur on site and how to avoid them.

We are aware that Mechanical and Electrical Installations whilst only being in most cases valued at 25% of the overall package, can be responsible for 90% of the problems that occur on the day to day running on site.

We have a vast experience in the Design & Build fit out and refurbishment market, we also deal with planning issues, building control issues whilst ensuring that projects are completed to a high standard and within the agreed budgets.

We are an NIC-EIC accredited contractor, as well as the Trust Mark also registered through the NIC-EIC.

We are the facilities to produce CAD drawings for all Building and M&E Services.

We specialise in particular with the full design and installation of the following;

Comms Rooms

  1. Comms room Power and Lighting installations
  2. PDU Installations
  3. UPS Installations
  4. Fire Detection Installations
  5. Fire Suppression Installations
  6. Generator Installations
  7. Data Installations
  8. AC Installations

Office Refurbishments

  1. LV mains distribution systems
  2. Under floor bus-bar Installations
  3. Floor box Installations
  4. Small power Installations
  5. Lighting Installations
  6. Emergency Lighting Installations
  7. Dimmable mood Lighting Installations to Meeting rooms and Boardrooms
  8. Fire Alarm Installations
  9. Security Installations
  10. CCTV Installations
  11. Access Control Installations
  12. Noise Masking Installations
  13. AC Installations
  14. Earthing & Bonding Installations
  15. Testing and Commissioning
  16. O&M Manuals in paper and Electronic form
  17. Record Drawings in paper and Electronic form

We have also carried out works in the following fields;

  1. Laboratory Installations
  2. Industrial Installations
  3. Warehouse Installations
  4. Luxury Domestic Installations
  5. Hospital Installations
  6. Theatre Installations

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